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Asuransi Raksa - GOBO - Gold Club Member

The New Building of Asuransi Raksa creating a branding and moment for their Gold Club Membership with the LOGO displays using the AZTEC Moving Head and NicolAudie controller to create the branding image of their new Logo.

Products used for the GOBO Image Projectors installations are:

- 1 Unit of AZTEC Moving Head V-6 Profile Moving Head
- 1 Unit of Custom Gobo Glass for Raksa Gold Club Membership
- 1 Unit of NicolAudie STICK Controller Touch Panel GA-2 (Intellighent DMX Panel Controller)

The ease of use and modern touch panel systems makes the easy operation and requires no intervention from operator at all.

reference pic 2013-10-20

X2 Club - Additional Lighting Installation

 In addition for the new installation of LED Display Screen on X2 Club , PT MTJ also installed an additional sets of new Lighting Systems using combination of MARTIN & AZTEC series.


The new installation involves :
- 4 Units of AZTEC Moving Head Beam 200 Sharpy.
Combines with the existing Martin units of :

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Corner Cafe Lighting Upgrades with LED Fixtures

Corner Cafe, Manado undergoes Lighting upgrades with new LED Fixtures by AZTEC Electronics.


One of the consideration of LED Fixtures are high durability and long lifetime.


Products Equipped are :

- 4 Units of AZTEC Moving Head Beam 60 Watt LED
- 1 Unit of AZTEC LASER Lucky RGB 1 Watt with...


reference pic 2010-01-26


Emax using Lighting Moving Sign for Retail Shop, Cafe & Lounge