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Best Light Rainbow DMX

This fixture is an intelligent and dynamic fixture that lives up
with an entertaining effect lights.
A Combination of color / gobo wheel with a mirrored rotating
discs effects. With 5 Gobos and 8 color effects boost up the
performance for your effective events.
This is a perfect fixture for any events / stage, clubs, bars and also indoor entertainment area.

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- Light Source Approved model : Osram 64653 ELC 24V, 250W
- 8 Color effects, with 1 Clear & Shutters
- Control & Programming Manual Built in Sound Activated Sequences, Standard DMX-512 Controller
- Unique Features
   - Built in Sound to Light sequence
   - Fan Cooled keeping fixture cool inside and out
   - DMX Controllable system
-  Electrical Power Voltage: AC 24V 250 Hz Fuse: 2A


Weight : 8.5 kg.
Height  : 16 cm.
Width    : 48 cm.
Depth   : 20.5 cm.