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NYC Ride - The New Age of Cycling - Lighting Effec

NYC Ride, the New Age of Cycling Cross Fit Class is now OPEN and is located at the Heart of South Jakarta with the very Strategic Place location NYC Ride provides Cycling Cross Fit with Entertainment in the Cycling Class. The Lighting Systems is plotted to pump excitement of the trainee in the class. It is the re-owned Cross Fit class with the best equipment and futuristic concept certainly in Jakarta CBD.

With the strategic locations filled with Expats and Business Peoples to give away their stress and filled with sweat enjoyment. The Lighting Effects Systems Installed are as follows:

- 2 Units x AZTEC LED UV Washers 8010
- 2 Units x AZTEC LED Moving Hea...

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X2 Club - LED Ceiling MADRIX Effects

X2 Club - LED Ceiling MADRIX Effects, with the Major Renovation of X2 Club, the commitment to give better ambience involves using AZTEC LED Dynamic Tubes combines with MADRIX LED Effects from Germany.

The effects are turned out to be very impressive and awesome effects on the ceiling giving a much innovative effects on the Club experience.
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X2 Club - Lighting Ambience Upgrades

X2 Club - Lighting Ambience Upgrades, with the Major Renovation on X2 Club, the Club is determined to give the latest updates and technology to entertain all their loyal customers. X2 Club is one of the most popular club that has been around for more than 10 Years.

With the determination to give the better ambience to its customers, X2 Club ...

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Popular Mansion Club & Lounge - Lighting & Sound S

Popular Mansion Club & Lounge - Lighting & Sound Systems, one of the new exisiting club in 2014 located in the heart of Entertainment District CBD in Jakarta, Gatot Subroto provides pure entertainment with the background connections of their Media and Entertainment background of the Popular Magazine has made their existance irresistable.
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Oppai Fashion B Club - Taman Anggrek

Oppai Fashion B Club - Taman Anggrek entrusted PT. Monalisa Tunggal Jaya for their Lighting Systems & Stage Solutions. With the challange providing the Club with best environment Lights and yet comfortable. Aztec Lighting Systems was chosen for the solutions.

Equipment Lists used are as follows :
- 6 Units x AZTEC Moving Head K-10 100...