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Chevron Auditorium - AZTEC Professional Stage Ligh

Chevron Auditorium - AZTEC Professional Stage Lighting & Rigging chose the Professional Stage Lighting Solution by AZTEC for their newly renovated Auditorium and Multifunctional Hall. The renovation projects takes a long time to finish because of the Unique Construction of the Building and everyone in Chevron is making sure to give the best of best to their new facilities in Duri area.

The Equipment Setups at Duri Multifunctional Auditorium Hall are as follows:
- 10 Units of AZTEC LED PAR 2 RGBW 18 x 10 Watt
- 8 Units of AZTEC LED Moving Head WASH 4 in 1 RGBW (18 x 10 Wat RGBW LEDs)
- 1 Unit of AZTEC Dimmer Pack 1230 DMX
- 2 Units of MARTIN M2Go Lig...

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Oppai Fashion B Club - Taman Anggrek

Oppai Fashion B Club - Taman Anggrek entrusted PT. Monalisa Tunggal Jaya for their Lighting Systems & Stage Solutions. With the challange providing the Club with best environment Lights and yet comfortable. Aztec Lighting Systems was chosen for the solutions.

Equipment Lists used are as follows :
- 6 Units x AZTEC Moving Head K-10 100...

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Gallery Lafayette - Basic Lighting Fashion Show In

Gallery Lafayette - Basic Lighting Fashion Show Installations. The most prestigious shopping mall in Indonesia needed the best solutions for basic lighting systems for their fashion show events needs.

The management requires a portable systems however completes so if anytime there are events, they have all the requirements needed.


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Froggy Auditorium Serpong - Stage Lighting Systems

Froggy Auditorium Serpong - Multi-functional Stage Lighting Systems Installations is one of the unique installations where it was build on a Floating Castle. The Unique building that took about 2 Years to complete select the best equipment and professional recommendation by PT. MTJ for their Lighting & Sound Installations.


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GBI Baranangsiang - LED Giant Display Indoor

GBI Baranangsiang - LED Giant Display Indoor installations trusted products by AZTEC-Electronics. The oversize display of 12 Mtr x 4 Mtr installed with multi-functional and multi-window display options.

The most prestigious and biggest LED Display Installation in Bandung is for preparations of Big Christmas Events. The requirements is that t...